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Terms of Sales

General provisions

All orders placed with us and sales handled by us are subject, without exception, to the following terms and conditions, which shall prevail over any clause appearing in any document issued by our customers and contractees.

Consequently, no specific conditions shall, unless explicitly accepted in writing by us, alter or modify these terms and conditions.

Acceptance of orders

No order sent to us directly by the purchaser shall become final without our express written acceptance.

Acceptance by the vendor shall constitute confirmation of the order and be binding to both parties


Prices are always quoted excluding taxes and, unless specific conditions apply, ex warehouse.

Prices are subject to change without notice by the seller. However, the seller will take care to inform the purchaser of the price changes by issuing a new catalog or any other document.

Consequently, the modified prices will apply from the date of dispatch of the new catalog or of this other document

Payment and late payment

Unless specific conditions apply, our invoices shall be payable on a cash basis, without discount to the address given on the invoice.

Minimum order is EUR 90.00 plus VAT.

In case of late payment of one of the amounts due resulting from an order by the buyer, he will pay to the seller, ipso jure, interest calculated at 1.5% per month as of the maturity of outstanding effect, even in the absence of protest or notice

Following summons to pay sent via registered letter, the amounts due shall be handed over to the legal department for collection, with all costs charged to the debtor. 

Shipping and delivery

Shipping costs are € 15 for orders between € 90 and € 199 plus VAT

For orders exceeding € 200.00 plus VAT (catalog price) and deliverable in a single shipment, shipping will be free of charge for shipments within continental France.

Shipping costs to Corsica will be calculated for each shipment

The starting point for the delivery time corresponds to the date of confirmation of the order; the delivery times given are estimates only.

Late delivery shall not be justification for cancellation of the sale. However, as a result of late delivery, the buyer has the option to send to the seller by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt a formal notice to deliver the goods within fifteen days of receipt of this letter. At the end of this period, in the event that the seller would not have proceeded with the delivery, the buyer may cancel the order.

Should the purchaser refuse to receive the merchandise on the delivery date shown on the order form, the vendor may have the merchandise stored at the expense of the purchaser in an appropriate facility, and require purchaser to reimburse the shipping costs

In the absence of any action by the purchaser to recover the merchandise within eight days from the date of delivery, the order will be automatically canceled.

Reservation of ownership

In conformity with the provisions of law, transfer of ownership of the merchandise delivered shall not take place until the day of reception of full payment of the price thereof by the purchaser; the merchandise shipped to purchasers shall consequently be considered as being placed in storage with the purchaser until the time of full payment.

Nevertheless, all risks shall be transferred to the purchaser from the time the goods are placed at his disposal, or at that of his agents, the shipper, or a consignee in case of refusal of delivery; the purchaser shall consequently be under the obligation of insuring said merchandises from the time it shall have been made available to him.

Merchandise shall be considered as having been made available to the purchaser from the time of loading on our premises aboard the means of transport used for delivery.

Reception and claims

Our merchandise is always transported at recipient's risk. Upon arrival of the merchandise at its place of destination, the purchaser is responsible for ensuring that the delivery is in conformity with his order. It is the recipient's responsibility:

  • To note any claim or reservation (missing packages, damaged or wet packages, etc.) on the carrier's delivery receipt, but in no case must the notation "subject to unpacking" be made.
  • To confirm to the carrier, rather than to our company, within 3 working days following delivery, the reservations noted on the receipt, via registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. No claim against us shall be receivable if the abovementioned two points shall not have been observed.
  • Installation and start-up of the equipment are the customer's responsibility. In case of breakdown or malfunction, the equipment, if under guarantee, must be returned to us at the customer's expense for repair. If the equipment is no longer under guarantee, it may still be returned at the customer's expense for repair, and said repair shall be billed to the customer. Except in case of negotiated exception, our company, Perron Rigot S.A.S. shall not provide installation or repair services at the purchaser’s premises.

Return of equipment

The customer shall have a period of eight days beginning with the date of reception of the merchandise to return equipment. In all cases, such return of equipment must be accompanied by a delivery slip showing our order number, with shipping paid in advance, and be in the original packaging

Failure to comply with the above conditions shall entitle us either to refuse return or to take back the equipment and apply a restocking charge of 25% of the invoice price of the equipment.

Guarantee against defects

The guarantee shall cover replacement of the defective part only, to the exclusion of any other form of claim. The purchaser shall be entitled to exercise the guarantee only if he has informed the vendor via registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within a period of fifteen days beginning with the date of delivery. The vendor's guarantee may under no circumstances be invoked when the defect or malfunction is the result of one of the following:

  • Failure to follow the installation procedure recommended by the vendor in installing accessories, in which case the installer may be held liable.
  • Improper intervention by a user or by unqualified repair personnel.
  • User's failure to provide basic maintenance
  • Use of maintenance products other than those recommended by the vendor or manufacturer.

The vendor hereby expressly excludes from his guarantee any case of force majeure, as defined in Article 1148 of the French Civil Code.

Cancellation clause and penalty clause

In case of failure on the part of the customer to fulfill his obligations, in particular as regards payment, we reserve the right to cancel the sale without further formality and without prior notification.

In such a case, the customer shall be liable to pay compensation set at a flat rate of 40% of the sale price of the merchandise (Article 1152 of the French Civil Code).

In cases where, without cancelling the contract, we are obliged to demand that our customer fulfill his obligations via official means, compensation shall be due to us at a flat rate of 20% of the sale price.

Further, should payment be late, interest at a rate of 1.2% shall be due per month of delay in payment, beginning with the due date for payment for payment shown on the invoice.


Any litigation or dispute will be settled exclusively, even in case of warranty claims or plurality of defendants, by the Commercial Court of our headquarters.

Any terms and conditions of the buyer, or the place where the order has been signed, and, more generally, any derogations from the terms and conditions shall not override this jurisdictional clause.

We are continuously seeking to improve the standards of our products and thus we reserve the right to change the specifications of our products at any time and without prior notification.

Photographs and texts copied and illustrating the products on offer are for information only and are not contractually binding.