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Photographs and texts are not contractually binding. The information presented on this Web site is subject to change without prior notification.

Reproduction of text from this Web site is allowed, provided that you adhere to the following three conditions: distribution must be free, documents must be reproduced in their entirety, and the following copyright statement must appear on all reproduced documents:

“This document is from the Perron Rigot Web site (http://www.perron-rigot.com/). All rights to reproduction are reserved and strictly limited.”

Any reproduction or representation of this Web site, in whole or in part, by any process whatsoever, is illegal and strictly prohibited without express written permission from Perron Rigot.

Permitted uses — You may:

  • Copy pages and images from this Web site to your personal computer for non-commercial use;
  • Print pages from the Perron Rigot Web site for your personal, non-commercial use;
  • Provide a hypertext link from your Web site to any Perron Rigot page.

Prohibited uses — You may not:

  • Copy files from the Perron Rigot Web site or any part thereof to another computer system for the purpose of republishing (a process commonly called “mirroring”);
  • Distribute, publish or otherwise display HTML pages, text or images from the Perron Rigot Web site for commercial purposes;
  • Create derivative works based upon HTML pages, text or images from the Perron Rigot Web site.

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